VW Charity Show & Cruise 18-20 March 2011, Castle Combe, Wilts

About Dub Aid

We realise that this is a new event on the VW calendar and you might want to know a little more about it. Whether you're interested to find out what our aims are with the event or whether you're hoping to get involved in some way yourself, please try out the links on the left. And if there's anything that isn't answered on here, please drop us a line and ask.

How this all came about ...

Back in September 2009, Rob Veysey posted on Volkzone's chat forum (otherwise known as VZi) suggesting a charity event near to Wootton Bassett which would involve a cruise through the town. The idea was a popular one and so the hard work began on trying to find a suitable venue, a time on the calendar that doesn't clash with too many other VW events and also the tricky task of getting as many people to contribute their time and effort free of charge.

Despite one major setback on the first-choice venue (it's a long story!), the event is now set for early March at the fantastic venue of Castle Combe. Tickets are available now and remember - it's all for charity! *

If you want to help in any way at all, please get in touch! We're keen to hear from anyone who is able to provide any of the following:

To discuss anything related to the event, your best bet is to head on over to VZi and join in the discussion there:

VZi Help For Heroes charity event discussion

Charity proceeds info

We confirm that, apart from show set-up costs, all money raised will be donated to charity, the main one being Help for Heroes. We do not retain any money as profit. Naturally, the fewer costs we have, the more money can be given to the charity. To that end, if you believe you can contribute in any way and become one of the event's sponsors, please drop us a line.

After the event has taken place, and once all money raised from ticket sales, the charity auction and traders' donations over the weekend have been counted, we will post on this web site the final figure, along with all costs incurred.

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