VW Charity Show & Cruise 18-20 March 2011, Castle Combe, Wilts

Dub Aid Rules and Regulations

Our Aim

It is our intention that everyone visiting DubAid enjoys the show and its facilities. Forthis reason, we've outlined a few rules and regulations that will ensure the safety and well being of everyoneattending.


Tickets Terms and Conditions



Fires & barbecues



In Car Entertainment (ICE) & Generators


Vehicle Movement



Cruise Disclaimer

The event organisers hold no responsibility for any injuries or damage to any persons, property or vehicles whilst taking part in this cruise or caused by any one taking part in this cruise. All persons taking part do so at their own risk. We also ask that all vehicles be taxed, MOTd and insured when attending this event, and obey the rules of the road and highway laws at all time.


As the event is being held on a racing circuit, even though the event will not be using the track, some non event-related track activities will be taking place on all days of the show. MOTOR SPORTS ARE VERY DANGEROUS. We ask everyone please to not attempt at any time to enter the track area, at any time, day or night. Anyone found to be trespassing on the track area, day or night, will be immediately removed from the event without any warnings being given as this would jeopardise the safety not only of the drivers on track, but also the public's safety and the event's future. So we ask for your co-operation on this at all times.

All information can change without prior notice. For latest information regarding the show please visit dubaid.co.uk/news/

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