VW Charity Show & Cruise 18-20 March 2011, Castle Combe, Wilts

Event sponsors

This event would not have been possible without the help and support of all our sponsors. You're all rock stars. Or ninjas. Possibly both. Anyway, here's who we'd like to give a hearty slap on the back for all their good deeds, services provided and generous donations:

Main sponsors


Rock Auto.com Thanks to Ashley at Rock Auto for their donation and support for the event.

Other sponsors

Artisan Thanks to Chris at Artisan for supplying safety fencing for the event

Thanks to Sarah at Volkswagen Golf + for the advertising and the prizes.

Thanks, Ron, from VW Endangered Species for all your support on the event!

Thanks to Peter, Lee & Kevin for their sponsorship.

Forever - Aloe Vera Co Thanks to Jo at Forever Living for £200 of pampering goodies!

Cheers, Mark and the guys at VDub Resto for your support!

Thanks to Orbit for supplying the flyers for advertising work.

A big thank you to Rod at Engravtec for offering to print the cruise stickers.

Thanks to Alex at Autocamp for his offer of supplying the flags and flag poles for the entrance to the show.

Big big thanks to Darren at Bath & West for supplying all the fire safety equipment for the show, you're a top man!

2Cl Communications Cheers, Stuart and Natasha at 2CL Communications, for helping us all keep in contact during the show by supplying all the radio equipment needed.

Thank you to the guys & girls at ARCO, Bristol, for the safety vests to keep all our event organisers and volunteers safe.

Gotta give designer Jon Hicks a hearty slap on the back, too, for coming up with the branding for this site and creating this lovely ambulance image.

We've also got a bunch of people sponsoring the Show & Shine, entertainment and ticketing.

If you would like to help this event by sponsoring it in any way, please call Rob on 07770 800 402.

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